How to Build a Military Style Ammo Box

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I made a couple of Ammo crates for some gifts last year. I thought about selling them but they're just not cost effective for that. You can make a box for about $30.00. You will need (1) 1"x12"x6' board, I used pine, hinges, a latch, and handles. I had some scrap hard board laying around for the bottom of the box. I got everything from the box store. I finished my boxes with Minwax Early American and Wipe On poly.

To add a custom feature I stenciled the name of the receiver on the lid. Most word processors have a 'stencil font' and there are some free websites if you search for them. I then printed it on card stock (easier, but plain paper works too) and cut out the letters with an exacto knife. I then taped on the stencil with blue tape and LIGHTLY spraypainted over the stencil. I did this after finishing the stain

I just glued and brad nailed the box together, but you could use dados, dowels, pocket holes, or whatever.

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Thanks everybody, If you have any specific questions let me know!


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