DIY Table saw fence accessory for the Dewalt DW745

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New Table saw fence accessory for the Dewalt DW745

I wanted to add to the length of my Dewalt and also be able to add hold downs and use other jigs with it.

It's quite short and at times the way it's made the wood would catch on the fence as it came to the back end of it.
I wanted to add a T-slotted extrution to my fence.
First I looked into replacing the fence body it is made of very thin square tub extrution,
but the metal I bought would have made this a much bigger project than I wanted to get into,
plus I wanted the fence longer so just bolted it to the out side and now it can be easily taken off.

O bought a 48" length of 1"x3" T-Slotted Extrusion off Ebay from 80/20 PLUS for $42 with shipping.
One other thing to keep in mind this fence uses a smaller t-nut so keep that in mind if you're wanting to use Rockler's t-nut they are bigger.
I should have bought some t-nut hard wear from them when I got the fence but
I just happened to have some furniture mounting hard ware that I ground the head down to work, you can see them in the pictures.

Could have got 24" but wasn't sure exactly what I wanted and the extra will be used for other jigs.

Ended up cutting it at 27" so now I can have an extra long fence for cutting full sheets of plywood with no problems.
Plus I have one fence that is the exact length of my over all fence to clear that sticky place if it turns out I really don't like the 27" fence.

As you can see in the pictures I drilled two holes in the fence and added T-nuts to hold it on,
Now I can slide it up or back and can add T-nuts to make hold downs and the like.
I can all so put it up on the higher notch to make the fence 4" tall if need be.

One thing to take note of, the stock fence is very thin metal so added a large spacer on the back to put the pressure on the top and bottom of the fence. I didn't have any scrape aluminum at the time so made it out of plastic.

With the 27" fence on the saw I took the left over 21" t-slot and added it to my miter.
May be building a better one so just drilled a couple a holes in the old miter wood one and it's a go.

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