So Does Anyone have a set of Plans for a Rocking Horse 15 Hands Tall

mitcs0kemitcs0ke Posts: 503 ✭✭✭
The Couple that bought Molly and had me make the Twins...just texted me and want me to
give them a price for a Life Size Rocking Horse!!!!!! At lest 15 Hands TAll...(about 5 FEET TALL)

I thought they were joking me but they are talking about using it as part of the new entrance sign to the farm
and incorporating it into the name as well.
I was afraid someone would steel it from the entrance but then i thought who going to be
packing away a 5 foot tall rocking horse......LOL

I guess I'll blowup the Twins and Molly's patterns till it gets to 5 feet and go from there..
My goal in woodworking after making a lot of people happy with wood things...
Is to built a 1700's Bonnet Top Highboy chest Victorian legs and all.....Just because
I want to.


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