How to Keep 2" x 12" planks flat and from splitting.

Dan McLeodDan McLeod Posts: 5,451 admin
As most of you know using a a 2" x 12" plank as a stand alone shelf or table top is not good unless you want to use bread boards. Problem solved 3/8" re-bar and a long drill bit problem solved. In the building trade we used planks for scaffolding and they were pinned they would never curl or split out no matter the weather. I took this idea and started blind pinning my planks and have not had a problem. I drill a 3/8" hole 3" and 11" deep then drive a 10.5" 3/8" re-bar in the hole, if I have a reveal on both sides of the plank I drive the pin in 1/2" and plug the hole.


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