Jorgensen Parallel Clamps vs Bessey

Dan McLeodDan McLeod Posts: 5,451 admin
The Bessey clamps are stiff and hard to adjust. When setting them on the wood they need to be pushed down to be tightened whereas the Jorgensen clamps simply pull up on the screw handle and they drop into position. The Bessey clamps do not stand up well on the anvil (the bottom the clamp jaw) the Jorgensen stand perfectly this matters when working with heavy pieces you need not hold the clamp. As far as pressing or tightening the clamp the screws on the Bessey clamps tend to bind as you tighten them so you don't get the compression that is needed. The metal in the locking jaw in the Bessey is aluminum and the jaw in the Jorgensen is cast steal. The Bessey is much lighter than the Jorgensen which allows me to grab 4 at a time is a plus but the extra time it takes to set them takes much more time than 2 trips for the Jorgensen clamps. I picked up the Bessey clamps a couple of years back when all my equipment was still in California and it seems the more I use them the harder they are to articulate I will try some Dry Lube to see if that will smooth them out a bit. After owning and using both extensively I would pay the extra 5 or 6 dollars per clamp and buy the Jorgensen.


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