Mission style oak bed

kdfullerkdfuller Posts: 549 ✭✭✭
I just completed my first attempt at making real household furniture. I have always liked the Mission Style so I tackled making a queen size bed. This was my first attempt at mortise and tenon joinery. After much practice and set up time I got the hang of it; 22 in total!
I used solid oak, again a first for me. I learned early on it will burn if you are not quick enough on the saws. I also discovered I have a moderate allergy to oak so protection became a must early on.
Good ol' Norm Abrams was on my mind throughout the project. I recalled all his TV how to show; where he talked us through the various woodworking techniques. Glad I watched, and learned!
Hello, I'm the woodworking Grandpa.
I retired from the Army after 35 years of service to this great nation. We have 10 grandchildren; all different levels of shop experience, all have a great time up in Grandpa's shop.
I have many photos and "How-to" step by step photos on my Flickr account, feel free to take a look!



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