1st time for everything.

my shop is still a work in progress. but i took a break from homemade tools and dust control and decided to practice some of what i set out to do, one was to learn scrolling.
i spent 10 to 15 hours doing outside cuts. butterflies, stars, hearts, dinosaurs, and the like with both pinned and spiral blades. far from even what i consider proficient at either, growing board i moved on the inside cuts with spiral blades. this i found even more difficult to make straight lines and curves. feeling discouraged i decided to try a pattern.
i chose one that would be what i thought would allow room for error. well, error i did... lol. i cut one tab so thin that i could see it flex with the vibration of the saw. i flipped it over and put a very small dab of hot glue into both sides of the tab and pushed it in with some painters tape. this did the trick and i went on to finish.
the hand in the pattern gave me an idea this prompted me to make my first frame.

always open to learn new things.


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