'Tis the season... for a new obsession

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I have started making these ornaments. These things are a blast. MUCH more freedom to be creative than pens.

I kind of feel like I'm cheating since doing these from a kit requires far less skill that turning them from solid wood, but they are a hit so far and I can make them twice as fast from the kits. I can also charge a little less since there is a lot less work that goes in to them.

Display tree with some I have made so far.

Ornament my daughter made. It is Purple Heart, Bois D'Arc, and red and blue crafting sticks.

Red Palm with a Cherry cap and acrylic celtic knot.

Yellow dyed stabalized Maple with Cherry upp and lower parts with acrylic bands.

Acrylic "bell"

Cedar "bell" with red and green bands

Marble wood, Maple, Bubinga and blue crafting sticks,

Purple Heart with Black Walnut upper and lower parts. I burnished the Purple Heart with a leather strap to bruing out the color.
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