What I did with My old Table Saw and the Restored Table Saw

mitcs0kemitcs0ke Posts: 503 ✭✭✭
So I took a break in the action for a few days to do some more work on the old saw I restored.
In the picture below you can tell from the saw dust that I have used the restored saw a lot!!!
I had been using it constantly since I restored it.....AND I LOVE IT!!!!

So Now what do I do with my old saw?
I didn't want it to feel left out!
So I introduced it to new restored table saw and before long they were Married!!.

So I present Mr and Mrs Table Saw

I took the wings off the newer saw and then bolted it to the older saw.
I put back all the old fence hardware and the whole thing squared right up.

Where you see the fence in the picture is exactly 47.5 inches from the front and the back side of the blade!!!

So what do you think??

My goal in woodworking after making a lot of people happy with wood things...
Is to built a 1700's Bonnet Top Highboy chest Victorian legs and all.....Just because
I want to.


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