OMG I'm glad Christmas is almost Over......and catching up with the Group

mitcs0kemitcs0ke Posts: 503 ✭✭✭
So I think this has been one of the busiest pre Christmas times I ever Had.
I and down to the last Rocking Horse and should get done with it tomorrow!!!!

They opened a New Harbor Freight Store in my town 3 weeks ago!!!!!......YES....YES....YES
So I'm expecting Lots of Harbor Freight goodies under my christmas tree....
( I gave the Wife a list and 6 good 20% off coupons)

I'm looking forward to using everything I get!!!

On another front. I have gotten so involved with buying, restoring, repurposing Furniture,
that my 10 x 8 shed has only enough room to stick my hand in it when I open the door.
my 12 x 12 x 11 temporary storage building, is packed to the ceiling and its dangerous to open
the door without something falling on you!!!
The wife is complaining about the 2 mounds of furniture covered in tarps setting in
the yard killing the grass!! Until yesterday when I sold a repurposed $45 Kitchen table and 4 chairs
for $300 and gave her $200 spend on what ever!!

And to top that off, I received a call at work tonight from someone I buy from who bids on storage units
and for $35 filled up my full size dodge truck with a kitchen table and 4 chairs, a matching coffee table,
1 chest of drawers, a TV Stand and a 2 drawer night stand that I discovered has a hidden compartment!!!!
And ITS FULL!!!!!!
of junk!!!!.....LOL.....Just my luck.

Good thing I gave her $200, because now I have to start a 3rd mound of furniture in the yard covered in tarps!!!
Will have plenty of stuff to work after Christmas!!!

So how you guys been doing???
My goal in woodworking after making a lot of people happy with wood things...
Is to built a 1700's Bonnet Top Highboy chest Victorian legs and all.....Just because
I want to.
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