Wood Spinner wont spin

Had some scraps leftover and made Steve's wood spinner from his projects video. Put a fishing jig bearing on it and with a fan on high spins nicely so it does work. But in light outside breezes it won't turn. So I'm wondering if I take the time to put each 3/4 piece on the drum sander to sand out a 2 to 3 inch scoop on the ends if that would increase the effect from light wind. Sort of like how a propeller is thicker towards the hub and thinner towards the ends. But I would only try to angle down the thickness from 2 or 3 inches from the end to the tip. Any thoughts?


  • rethoorethoo Posts: 48 ✭✭
    I have not built Steve's spinner, but I think your idea might work since you would be reducing the mass while keeping the surface area (upon which the wind pushes) approximately the same.
    Thus, there would be less mass (inertia?) to overcome to get it moving initially. Good luck.
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