Flower Bandsaw Box

Ted BergTed Berg Posts: 486 admin
Saw a picture of this one on Google, so I decided to make one for a Christmas present. Turned out pretty neat. So for me a two tone face was new. Not sure if I did it correctly, but basically I followed the normal steps of making a bandsaw box to the point where the whole drawers have been cut from the block. Before cutting off the front and rear of the drawers, I glued on a piece of walnut to the maple solid drawer, then used bandsaw to trim only the walnut and then sanded to be even with the maple profile so the drawer fit would be as good as the initial cut. Then I cut the drawer fronts and backs, cut out the innards, then glued the backs and front back on. Finally, I took a thin slice off the drawer backs so the drawers would be flush on the front side. The added walnut was 1/8 inch thick, so not too big of a slice removed. Anyone know of a different way to get the two tone fronts? @Dan McLeod you do a lot of stuff, ideas?


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