This Christmas season, I built many more wooden gifts than usual, and it all reminds me of my father so much. His family, from Poland, among other things owned and ran a lumber company. In their spare time, they even built racing sailboats, Lightnings as I recall. At any rate, I find myself thinking alot about my family before me and their love of working with wood. I did not take the time as a kid to learn much about the craft from my at home experts, so I probably spend hours and hours learning things that should be natural to me from a wiser childhood. But, I do remember that my Dad taught me that a wrecker can destroy in a day or two what a builder has taken a year to do. Building things, like our lives takes work, alot of work, but the prize is enormous. The wrecker can feel satisfaction so much more quickly, but then, what will he or she look at a year from now? Personally, I would rather spend the time building and maybe, just maybe, add something to this beautiful world. Merry Christmas to all of my family and friends and may God welcome you to his kingdom.


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