Santa Brought Me Lots of WoodWorking Goodies

mitcs0kemitcs0ke Posts: 503 ✭✭✭
Made stuff for people right up to the 22nd....Had a Really good Christmas this year....
Got lot of woodworking stuff!! And with the new Harbor Freight Store in town,
got lots of Harbor Freight Goodies!!!!
Looking forward to using them and Looking forward to 2018 in the shop.

I'm already about 3 months behind in my furniture refinishing, repurposing,
repairing and selling venture.....

Isn't Woodworking Great!!!!

Here is a picture of some of it!!1

My goal in woodworking after making a lot of people happy with wood things...
Is to built a 1700's Bonnet Top Highboy chest Victorian legs and all.....Just because
I want to.


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